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Our products can make your modern Harley-Davidson® handlebar clean. CAN-Xone gives you the ability to use push buttons instead of the original hand controls. CAN-Speed connects a third-party speedometer with your motorbike HD-LAN®.

CAN-Xone and CAN-Speed are compatible with the following Harley-Davidson® models:

  • Softail models up from 2011
  • Dyna models up from 2012
  • Sportster models up from 2014

Harley-Davidson® introduced HD-LAN® in 2010 and integrated this technology one by one into the model families. Softail started in 2011, followed by the Dyna models in 2012. Sportsters were updated with HD-LAN® in 2014.

The HD-LAN® bus-topology is mainly equivalent with the CAN-bus. This bus-technology is well accepted for car production and it’s getting more and more the standard for motorbikes, too. During the last couple of years several manufacturers introduced this modern concept for newer models. The advantages are a better communication between the motorbike control units with less cables. The World Wide Web is full of rumors about the HD-LAN® topology. But HD-LAN® connects only the BCM with the ECU, anti-lock braking system, the speedometer and the left & right hand control controllers. That’s it and with specialized know-how the HD-LAN® technology gives more chances than handicaps.

With our electronics you can make extraordinary changes on your HD-LAN® controlled Harley-Davidson®. You get the option for a custom build bike with only little changes in your electrical wiring!